1. Kentucky 78, Wichita State 76: The only thing this game was missing was a shot that fell as time expired. The Shockers proved they earned a No. 1 seed by playing the best game of the tournament. Kentucky, which had to win four games by five points or less, never played better at any point this season than in this game. An undefeated team, a group chasing 40-0, was beaten by a squad that hoped to go 40-0 back in October. There was some moaning over pairing these two teams in this spot, but if we’re going to get this game at the Round of 32 or never at all, I’ll take it when we can get it. You know who was really good in this game? Andrew Harrison, not Aaron. Andrew had 20 points. Cleanthony Early (season-high 31 points) and Ron Baker hit huge shot after huge shot. The game was tense from tip to OT, and that’s why it’s No. 1. No game was nearly as thrilling or gripping as this one, and remember, there was a lot of hype coming in as well. It exceeded it. Ten years from now, I think we’ll remember UConn winning it all, the Kentucky freshmen salvaging a season, and Wichita State’s perfect year coming to an end in an all-time classic. This game stands out above all others. Each team brought out the best in the other, which is always the sign of an NCAA Tournament epic.

Kentucky-Wichita State game tops the CBS Sports top 10 best games played during the 2014 NCAA Tournament.

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